Fri 22MAY15

2:30 pm

A. Press- 1RM
B. WCU- 1 RM
5 min AMRAP- strict chin ups
– pronated grip
– must complete eccentric before letting go
– 36″ hand allowance

Rest Exactly 10 min

5 min AMRAP- Strict HSPU
– max hand allowance box 36″x24″


Morning Body Weight= 207#

A. 185
– Felt very heavy. I know I have pressed my BW before. Might have something to do with me widening my grip to see if my forearms would hurt. Which they didn’t but the wider grip feels very different.
B. BW + 110#
strict CU = 50 reps
– 10 reps/min pace. It was hard to keep that pace the last minute.

strict HSPU = 54 reps
– 5’s to 35, 3’s to 53, then a single
– These felt good today.

– First day in the front rack since last week Monday. Widened the grip which felt awkward but no pain.


Tue 19MAY15

3:30 pm

For Time:
10 Burpee MU
100 DU
10 Wall Walks
100 DU
10 Wall Walks
100 DU
10 Burpee MU


– First set of burpee MU’s took about 1:45
– DU sets: UB, 50/50, 50/50
– Wall Walks done in sets of 5

Mon 18MAY15

2:00 pm

A. Power Snatch 1RM
– film final set
B. RDL @30×0; 8,8,8RM
– pronated grip, no straps
5 RFT:
7 PS @ 155#
14 alt pistols

A. 110 kg (miss 114kg)… 242.5# and 251.3#
B. 70, 100, 110 kg (242.5#)
– Stayed lighter due to grip. Forearms are feeling good so I didn’t want to push it. The 110kg was pretty easy, just grippy.
– Snatches all 4/3
– HSPU all UB
– Pistols got a lot harder than expected.
– Felt like I haven’t “CrossFitted” in a while with this one.

Decided to mix it up and lift in kilos with a good oly bar today. Forearms are feeling good.


Sat 16MAY15

1:00 pm

90 min AMRAP
1300m Row
200m Farmer’s Walk 70#/h
15 Wall Walks
42 Double Unders

– Wall walk standards: start push up position, walk sternum to walk, and walk back to push up position. No falling out from inverted position.

7 + 90m FW

– Felt a ton better today.
– Each round was under 12 min until the last couple rounds which were right at 12 min.
– Rows were all about 5 min long. About 250m per minute with a slight increase in pace the last 300m. Last couple rounds were just over 5 min to complete.
– Farmer’s walk were split up into 50m increments at first. Then 25m increments.
– Wall walks were all sets of 3’s and 2’s. The last two rounds I had to go 5/5/5 and 6/5/4 in order to keep pace since my farmer walks got slower.
– All DU’s were unbroken.
90 min amrap score

Fri 15MAY15

3:00 pm

A. Power Clean- 1RM
B. RFESS- 8, 8, 8RM
– load with DBs in each hand
– film final set from the front
C. Close Grip Bench Press- 1RM
D. Powell Raise @30×0
– amrap each arm @ 10% CGBP
– use DB to load
E. Sorenson Hold
– one max effort hold

A. Did Not Do. Rest the forearms.
B. 60. 75, 90
– These burned the quads like no other.
C. 305
D. 30#
– Right arm: 4
– Left arm: 6
E. 2:30
– Could have gone longer. Just felt drained at this point.


First day back since Monday. Wasn’t feeling 100%. Easing into it.