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Sat 12AUG17

A) Deadlift: TOUGH Tng set of 5 in 20 min

– Felt VERY heavy today. Was a struggle to get up. Body get tired.

B) FT:
“Filthy fifty”


BJ: steady UB
Jumping PU: unbroken
Lunges: UB
K2E: steady sets of 5
Back ext: 25/25 on ghd
WB: unbroken and smoked me for burpees
Burpees: too slow

Held a steady pace until The burpees. Doing the wb’s UB smoked my shoulders and lungs.

A) Assault Bike
30 sec EASY
30 sec TOUGH
Slow spin 30 sec
x 8 sets

Didn’t do.

B) Swim 30 min EASY

Swam some freestyle. A down and back then long rests. Played around with breast strokes and swimming underwater the distance of the pool. Finished with 2 sets of 5 min treading water.

Fri 11AUG17

A) Thoracic PAILS/RAILS: 10-15 min

Barbell. Foam roller. 45# plate elevation

B) Run
400m @80-85%
rest walk 1:1
x 9

1. 1:28
2. 1:27
3. 1:26
4. 1:27
5. 1:27
6. 1:25
7. 1:25
8. 1:27
9. 1:24

A) Snatch
TnG squat snatch; 3 reps on the min for 12 min @67% 1rm

165 for all

B) Barbell Thruster: Thruster 3 reps @185# x 8 sets; rest 45 seconds bw sets


C) FT:
DB PC&J – 60#
Row cals


DB PC&J: unbroken- stupid; 5’s; 5/4
Row: around 1500 pace

Lunges and fatigue in the shoulders. Doing the 21’s unbroken was stupid. I didn’t feel as good as I thought I did. Long week.

Wed 09AUG17

In Colorado Springs

Row 500m @1:45 pace
rest 2 min

1. 1:44.7
2. 1:44.5
3. 1:44.5
4. 1:44.9
5. 1:44.8
6. 1:44.8
7. 1:44.9
8. 1:44.7
9. 1:44.9
10. 1:44.6
11. 1:44.7
12. 1:44.4
Good wake up call at elevation. Need to hydrate.

B) Wall Facing Handstand Hold: 3 min accumulate

Completed in 45 sec sets

A) Back Squat @20X1; 5,3,1,1,1; rest as needed – ONLY last single tough

275, 315, 335, 355, 375
– felt HEAVY but they all went up pretty easily

B) Games workout:
3 rounds for time
8 stone to shoulder
100 foot walk w/ stone
7 parallete hspu
100 foot walk w/ ston

Just chipped away here. Not sure how heavy the stone was but it was the second largest one they had. I also had to go lighter for the stone walk. I tried the heavy one and literally almost passed out to the floor bc I couldn’t breath. Used a lighter stone but it was still hard to breath. pHSPU were all unbroken.

Sat 29JUL17

A)Thoracic Flow: 10 min
Doing before C2B’s in pm

B) Walk 45-60 min on Air Runner
EASY does it!

Romwod today. Going to jason Phillips’ nutrition seminar for the weekend.

C) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min

Doing before C2B’s.

A) Run 1 mile TT on Assault Runner
rest exactly 10 min before moving to B

Well fucked this up…

6:59 on AR. Felt very slow but I was pushing it. Went out a little hot, slowed, picked up the last little bit. Gluts were on fire.

Did not rest 10 min before C2B’s. Didn’t catch that beforehand. My schedule for the day was…

Dynamic warm up.
Ran a couple 400’s.
1 mile TT
Thoracic flow
Bulletproof shoulders

B) FT:
20 sets of 5 – unbroken CTB pull ups


Couldn’t seem to get in a good rhythm especially with only 5 reps each set. Slight rip. Need to get faster here