Thu 29AUG19

“Pure Breath- Invigorate Breath”
Kapalabhati Breath
16 min
“Awaken Morning Yoga: Saturday- get up and flow”
24 min

A. Front squat
4×2; 31×1 tempo; Across; Rest 2 min
•Moderate load.

265 across, positions feeling solid

B. E90s for 10 sets:
Snatch high pull + Below-the-knee snatch high pull + Above-the-knee snatch high pull
2 walk-in box jumps (tough)
•Start moderate on snatch pulls and add 5# per set.

175 to 220- felt really good. Good extension. Waist is going to be bruised for sure.

48” for all box jumps. Tough

C. 5 sets:
2 min row @ 2:00/500m
20 Russian KB swings (moderately tough)
-Rest 2 min

Done. Woah woah. On a PM5 (just got put up yesterday) and WAY easier than that old one I’ve been using. rKBS was 106 for first set but then realized how sore my grip still is. 70 for the last 4 sets

D. EMOM 10:
1st: 20-30s single-leg back extensions, right
2nd: 20-30s single-leg back extensions, left

30 sec/set 8-9 reps, wasn’t really counting with intent

Tue 27AUG19

“Pure Breath- Expand Breath”
12 min
“Quick unwind”
35 min

A. 5 rounds:
2 burpee ring muscle-ups
15 ski calories @ moderately tough effort
2 burpee bar muscle-ups
-Rest 2 min

-got a lil more warm each set. Was pulling >1300cal/h on ski, about 40 sec

B. E90s for 10 sets:
1st: 5 unbroken strict handstand push-ups + 25’ handstand walk
2nd: 1 legless rope climb + 5 burpee box jumps (30”)

set 1: about 25-30 sec/set
Set 2: about 30-35 sec/set- LLRC felt 💰 today

C. 3 rounds:
1000m row
50 wall balls (14 to 10’)
30 double KB deadlifts (70/hand)

All WB and DL unbroken
Slowed each round on the row- about 1:43, 1:54, 2:03 avg/500m but stayed consistent on WB and DL. First round split was 7:00.

D. EMOM 10:
20-40s anti-rotational front plank, slowly switch arms throughout

30 sec/set