Wed 31JUL19

18 min level 3 breath work
Viloma 3 work + Khumbaka work consisting of 8 sec inhale, 32 second hold, 16 sec exhale, 8 sec hold. Then 15 sec inhale, 20 sec exhales. REALLY struggled with these today.
“Desk Therapy- Recover” yoga video
42 minutes

Tue 30JUL19

15 min Breath Work
Level 2:
Kapalabhati, Viloma 2, Ujjiayi, Viloma, and breath retention with Khumbaka
25 min Morning Yoga for Beginners video

A. Accumulate 12-14 strict ring muscle-ups not for time


B. EMOM 16:
1st: 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups + 1 bar muscle-up
•Keep the complex unbroken.
2nd: 50’ single-arm DB overhead walking lunges, right (tough)
3rd: 6-8 strict ring dips @ 21×1 tempo
4th: 50’ single-arm DB overhead walking lunges, left

-C2B to bMU felt v solid and smooth
-75# for OH lunges
-8 reps UB each round for dips. Last 2 sets had to fight for the last couple reps

C. 20 min AMRAP:
5 renegade rows (50/hand)
10 DB snatches, alternating (50)
15 jumping squats
20 row calories
•Consistent splits per round.

6 + 10 cal row

D. @ 85%:
1000m ski
50 thrusters (55)
-Rest 5 min
1000m ski
50 Russian KB swings (70)
-Rest 5 min
1000m ski
200’ sled push (light)

Ski: 4:20
Thrusters: UB and smooth. Actually picked up pace last 10 reps. No pauses OH or anything. Felt great here. Helps I can get in a front rack with light weight now 🙂

Ski: 4:20
rKBS: UB, grippy towards the end

Ski: 4:20
Sled: unweighted and unbroken but tough. Really burned the calf babies the last lil bits

Great sessions the last 2 days. I even beat my body up this weekend with some intense climbing and hiking on both Saturday and Sunday so happy I’ve been able to recover. Looking forward to an actual rest day tomorrow with just breathing work and yoga. Upper back is def feel’n some type of way after today.

Mon 29JUL19

16 min Breath Work
Level 1:
Ujjiayi, Viloma, and Nadi Shodhana techniques
“Fresh Start Morning Flow”
43 minute yoga/stretch video

A. High hang muscle clean + Above-the-knee muscle clean + Below-the-knee muscle clean: 4x(1+1+1); Building; Rest 60-90s
•Prioritize speed and positions over load lifted.

95, 115, 115, 125

B. Power clean w/ 1s pause at mid-shin and in receiving position
4×3; Rest 90s
•Reset each rep. Not touch-and-go.
•Prioritize positions over load.

185, 195, 205, 215

C. 4 rounds:
500m row @ 80%
Squat cleans*
-Rest 3 min
*1st: 10 @ 185
*2nd: 8 @ 205
*3rd: 6 @ 225
*4th: 4 @ 245

1.3:03 total time/1:48 row
2.2:57 total time/1:47 row
3.2:45 total time/1:47 row
4.2:38 total time/1:47 row
*all quick singles. Could have probably tng’d up to the 225’s maybe 245’s. I felt super strong here today.

D. 10 min AMRAP:
5 wall climbs
7 strict toes-to-bar
9 wall balls (30 to 10’)
11 double KB deadlifts (70/hand)
•Nose touches wall on wall climbs.

4 complete in 9:57
*About 2:30 each round. Not a super tight set up- had to walk back and forth to the bar for sT2B which was across the gym.
*All UB.

E. 3 rounds:
60s banded pull-throughs
-Rest 30s
60s banded supine psoas march
-Rest 30s
12 glute-ham raises @ 40×1 tempo
-Rest as needed

Thin green band for pull thrus
Small green band for March
Gh raises ruff. Def faster than 4 sec neg


Fri 26JUL19

15 min Breath Work
Level 2:
Kapalabhati, Viloma 2, Ujjiayi, Viloma, and breath retention with Khumbaka
“Feel Good Energy Flow”
24 min easy yoga/stretching video

For time:
200m ski
5 burpee bar muscle-ups
9 axle bar power cleans (155)
200m ski
7 burpee bar muscle-ups
15 axle bar power cleans (155)
200m ski
9 burpee bar muscle-ups
21 axle bar power cleans (155)
200m ski

bBMU: steady and felt good
PC: 3/3/3, 5/5/5, 5/5/5/6- tough, grip went
Ski: around 2:00 pace. First set a bit faster. Last set emptied the tank, around 1:50 pace.
*grip and breathing tough here
(Rest as needed)
20 min AMRAP:
5 strict pull-ups
10 DB front squats (35/hand)
15 bike calories
5 strict handstand push-ups, 2” deficit
10 DB front squats (35/hand)
15 bike calories
•Consistent splits.

5 + 5 pull ups
*Megan was watching my front squats and was making sure I was driving my right knee out. They felt a lot better. Gotta learn how to do that more naturally.
*bike on air mill
*def more like 3.5” but still all ub
Yeah I bet that the DB front squat challenges come from having to do something weird with your back to rack the DBs which then causes challenges in the hips trying to get into the squat.
(Reset as needed)
15 min @ 75%:
500m row
50 single-unders
20 dead bugs, alternating
500m row
50’ KB death march (moderate)
20 bird dogs, alternating

Didn’t get this in. Didn’t realize the gym closed at 5 on fridays and I don’t have a key yet… almost didn’t even have time to shower which would have meant no shower until Monday haha.

Thu 25JUL19

16 min Breath Work
Level 1:
Ujjiayi, Viloma, and Nadi Shodhana techniques
32 min Level 1 yin Khumbaka
A. EMOM 10:
Mins 1-5: 3 no hook no touch squat snatches
Ming 6-10: 3 squat snatches w/ 1s pause in receiving position
•Reset each rep. Not touch-and-go.
Started at 95 and built by 10/min to finish at 185. All felt pretty good positionally. Last 2 sets could tell I was getting tired driving out of the hole 
B. Squat clean + Split jerk
4×3; Across; Rest 2-3 min
•Reset each rep.
235 across- cleans didn’t feel super great- felt like I was shortening extension and leg drive not quite there. Jerks felt great though.
C. 1 1/4 front squat
Build quickly to a tough 4 for today @ 30×1 tempo
245- started losing positions. 225 v clean
D. EMOM 5:
4 front squats @ ~70% of today’s tough 4 1 1/4 squat
E. 5 rounds:
15 Russian KB swings (heavy)
-Rest 30s
100’/side suitcase carry (tough)
•No torso rotation.
-Rest 30s
30-45s/side hip airplanes
-Rest as needed
Swings: 70 across- that’s the heaviest they got
Carries: 111- too heavy, 90- still too heavy, 70 x3 sets- still tough but way better- GRIP
Airplanes: did McGill version/style. Felt better each set. Only don’t these a couple times before with Lee and Bann