Mon 01OCT18

A. 3 rounds NFT:
1 short rope RC – 20′
rest 15 sec
10 triple unders
rest 15 sec
20 jump lunges
rest 1 min

*did reg DU’s bc I could barely do them. It’s been a long times since it hasn’t been a heavy rope and felt super weird haha

B) Snatch Balance: 2 reps – every 75 sec x 5 sets – from 175-205# – STAY PERFECT and FAST OH!

175, 185, 185, 195, 205

C. Snatch: 2,2,2,2,2,2; rest as needed – 70-80%

200 and built by 5#/set to finish at 225
– these felt the best they ever have before. I felt strong, crisp, and fast

D. Front Squat @21X1; 4-6 x 5; rest 3-4 min – tough sets man, pause this week, sTAY strong and upright throughout!

225 x6, 265 x6, 275 x6, 285 x6, 295 x5 (failed 6th)
*these were tough. Somehow was able to squeeze out the last 1-2 reps each set. Legs feel fine here. It’s just overall fatigue and upper strength now that my positioning feels good and I’m actually in a true front rack.

E. 5 sets – sustained pace:
10 DB reverse lunges – tough!
rest 15 sec
15 FAST GH hip extensions
rest 2 min

Only got 2 sets in bc I had to coach on the floor
90#/h for DB’s

F. EASY cool down 15-20 min

Coached on floor

A. FT @85%
3 burpee ring MU
10 ski cals
x 7 rounds
rest walk 5 min
3 strict pHSPU -10″
10 row cals
x 6 rounds
rest walk 5 min
15 TTB
15 bjo – 24″
x 5 rounds


– all pHSPU UB! Perfect Rx in terms of reps,sets, and pacing. They were all tough but were very consistent.

– all T2B UB! Slow BJO’s so I could go UB though. Grip and core were fatiguing.


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