Thu 30NOV17

A) Warm up – Upper Back and Bum
3 sets:
10 sec contralateral hold/side
15m reverse crawl – ball on back
10 sec SL back extension hold/side
10 sec SA, SL ring row hold


B) Snatch: Single in 20-30 min – Go for it if feeling it!

Missed 268?
– lifted in kg
– didn’t feel strong off the floor but felt fast.

C) Muscle Up: Amrap x 1

– PR tie but I know there is more in the tank. Form was off which I fixed with James. Pulling get fine. Just got fatigued. Little tricep pump but not much.

50 DU
10 burpees
40 DU
10 burpees
30 DU
10 burpees
20 DU
10 burpees
10 DU
10 burpees

– no missed on DU other than a little hiccup grabbing the rope for one of the sets. First couple burpee sets I could have gone faster. Burned out the burpees the last two sets.

A) FT:
Row 1k
Row 1k
– Best scores is sub 12 min


Row: sub 3:30 came off of rower at 3:30 and felt fresh.. Kept about a 1:45 ish pace. Slowed a bit towards the end to get ready for HSPU.
HSPU: 35/15/10/10/5
Row: kept at 1:45 pace and sprinted the last 250 at sub 1:40 pace to finish sub 11.

Breathing, shoulders, everything felt fine. I guess I should have pushed more…

Wed 22NOV17 thru Tue 28NOV17

In Colorado…

Wed 22NOV17
Palmer Park Trail Hike
RomWOD and Neck Exercises

Thu 23NOV17
Attempted to workout at CF Soco but wasn’t feeling it.
Hike at Palmer Park again.
Ate a lot for Thanksgiving.

Fri 24NOV17
Long casual hike in Manitou.
Walked around Old Colorado City.

Sat 25NOV17
Devil’s Playground 13’er (9 miles).

Sun 26NOV17
Steep, rough hike up a random trail.

Mon 27NOV17
Manitou Incline. Ran down the trail alongside the incline.
Drove to Denver.

Tue 21NOV17

A) 3 sets:
5 cable RDL/side
5 chops/side
15 sec SL glute bridge hold/leg

50, 60, 60 rdl’s
60, 70, 70 on chops

B) 4.5 Month Prone Position
20-30 sec hold/side x 3; rest as needed
Done with neck turns

C) Power snatch + OHS: buidling load for 20 min – WORK to push this, go for it if it feels good, DO NOT hold back. NEED some good numbers

Only 235 today. WAY better postitioning though!

Failed 250

D) 5 RFT:
Row 1k
15 KBS – 2pd
15 burpees
– GO for it!
– Sub 25 min goal


Row was around 1:47 pace. Slowed a bit last two rounds. Quick transitions throughout. Quick burpees and had to speed up at the end to make up pace for the Row. Each round was about 4:50ish and getting my first meter on the rower at 5:00 min increment.

E) Watt bike cool down 15-20 min
Watt bike – GOOD breathing and sustained pace

15 min worth.

Travel to Colorado

Mon 20NOV17

A1) Barbell Thruster: 8 reps FAST; rest 30 sec – buidling from 135# – SPEED BASED, working on breathing and EXPLODING!

135, 145, 155, 165, 175

– felt quick and snappy!

A2) Chest to Bar Pull-Up: 15 reps unbroken; rest 3:30 x 5 sets

Feeling good today!
– with oly shoes on

B) Barbell russian step us @2010; 8 reps/leg x 2; rest 2 min tough sets NOT alt legs!

160, 170- tough

C) 6 rounds @80-85%:
5 pHSPU -10″ – kipping
10 double KB FR lunges – 2pd/h
20 wtd. DU


– HSPU felt off today. James noticed that my left trap is overworking here. After the workout I did a bunch of negatives and tried to even it out thinking about having a long neck.
– James changed my FR position on the lunges halfway thru which made them way harder and the HSPU’s harder.

D) Cool down walk in sun 20 in

Yup + neck stretches

A) MAP 8 controlled:
15 min @75% Aer
AB 15 cals
1 strict MU
20m HS walk
rest walk 3 min
15 min @75% Aer
Ski 400m
10 NPUBBJ – 24″
20 air squats

– Track rounds – KEEP this slow easy and maintained!

4 + 15 cals

4 + 235m
– subbed 400m row for the ski

B) EASY walk cool down in sun 20-30 min

Neck exercises instead here plus local cryo on my neck.

Fri 17NOV17 (Done Thu 16NOV17 Evening)

A) Power Jerk: Emom 8 min – 8 reps TnG – bulding from 135# – PERFECT reps SIT back and sustained movements!

135 built by 10’s each set to finish at 205

– front rack is feeling legit as fuck

B) 5 sets @sustained effort:
25 DU
10 kipping HSPU
25 DU
Row 350m
rest walk 2 min
– PERFECT reps on the wall, working on breathing and FAST transitions


6 RFT:
4 medball 2 shoulder – 150#
3 medball on shoulder lunges/leg – 150#
15m medball on shoulder carry – 150#

Did not do.

D) Watt bike 10k outdoors!

Doing now nice and easy.