Sat 23SEP17

A) high box step up @3010; 6/leg x 3; rest as needed

Done on a random hight on jerk blocks.

B) 3 position hang snatch: 8 total set; rest as needed – PERFECT reps, SPEED and mechanics focus

135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205
– Felt REALLY good today. OH and hip positioning felt and looked good!
– send ya video

C) Barbell Reverse Lunge: 8/leg x 3; rest 2 min

135, 160, 190

D) Emom 12 min –
min 1 – DL Tng – 365# x 5
min 2 – 5 ring MU
min 3 – 30 weighted DU

MU’s are feeling and looking GOOD!

E) Emom 12 min –
min 1 – DB HSC thruster x 6 – 50#/h
min 2 – pHSPU x 5
min 3 – AB 30 sec – 85%

Focused on breathing for DB work.
pHSPU on did 4 each set because I was on some shady p-bars. Probably should have done regular def with plates but whatever.
cals: 9, 10, 10, 10

F) Run 20 min EASY

Started to jog with all my gear towards my school’s wrestling room so I could shower but my bag was annoying. My wrestling coach actually picked me up about 8 minutes into the loaded walk.

A) Swim EASY: 45-60 min EASY – ENJOY your Saturday! Give the wrist a break and lets get you to 100%

Didn’t get this in. Really wanted to get a swim in at my school’s pool but it just didn’t happen. Was moving most the day though!


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