Sat 09SEP17

Granite Games Day 2

Event 3
400m Swim
1.5 mi Run

Tommy flew. Chris did solid. I did fucking horrible. Started off good on the swim for the first 150 or so meters. Then got turned around, went backwards a bit, had to rest, then struggled the last half. Passed a good amount on the transition but my legs were blown up from the swim.

Place 18th

Event 4
FS- 275, 255, 235
One at a time through the rep count but partners must hold Front Rack.

Tommy took the 275, Chris the 255, and me the 235. We did solid. 235 was super light for me.

Place 8th

Event 5
12 MU
15 sandbag cleans- 150#
15 MU
15 sandbag cleans- 150#
18 MU
15 sandbag cleans- 150#

I flew and killed the first one by at least 2-3 reps ahead of everyone else. MU’s felt GREAT despite having too much swing in the straps. Tommy did well, slowed a bit. Chris’ MU’s weren’t on point and then he got no repped on a clean.

Place 3rd