Sun 03SEP17

A) Jog 20-30 min EASY

Sunrise Peak Hike with dogs
2 hours and 6 min hike
Did pretty much run down the entire way

A) Swim EASY
Swim 15-20 min EASY
Swim 250m – EASY pace working on stroke
Swim 50m @sustained pace
rest 1 min
x 12 sets
Swim 250m – EASY pace working on stroke
Play and cool down!

*Swam in my apartment complex’s pool which is 30m

240m done, not timed, nice and easy
60m swims done around 50-55 sec each set
240m done, not timed, harder than first set

– wore a swim cap today for the first time
– keep pulling to the right when I swim

A) Bike 45-60 min EASY

6 miles
46:45 total time
241 cals
Light sweat
on lifefitness stationary bike at my apartment complex’s gym