Thu 31AUG17

A) 3 sets:
10 low cable SL RDL
20 sec glute bridge hold
2 min – hip external rotation/internal rotation work

20# on cable SL RDL

B) Overhead Squat @44X1; 4 reps x 5 sets; rest as needed – EXTERNALLY rotated and LOW load WORK into that pattern

45, 55, 65, 75, 85 then more practice with James
– need to sink ass back further as I get back into squat and really get my arm pits facing forward. Can get into correct position just need to train my body to get there.

C) Sets:
every 60 sec – complete:
5 bar MU
x 6
every 75 sec – complete:
3 wall facing strict HSPU
10 jump squats
x 6
every 60 sec – complete:
1 RC – 15′
15m HS walk unbroken
x 6

5 bar mu’s in around 16 sec

HSPU/jump squats in about 40 sec

RC/HSW in about 37 sec

D) 5 sets @increasing effort per set:
Row 350m
8 PS – 145,155,165,175,185#
8 burpees over bar
35 DU
AB 12 cals
rest walk 5 min
– PERFECT breathing and efficiency

*FORGOT TO DO THE ROW PIECE- was thinking it was like last week, starting with the bar*
1. 2:26
2. 2:18
3. 2:16
4. 2:22 (4 DU trips!)
5. 2:17

– filmed all to watch PS turnover and dip. MUCH better and MORE efficient. Noticed 185 isn’t as pretty as the others. Next time I’m playing around with TnG reps I’ll be sure to go heavier to get the practice.
– played around with different grips on DU’s and trying to relax my shoulders down and long neck. Was tripping up a TON today. I think only the last set was unbroken.
– AB was 67-72 RPM.
– Felt really recovered btw each set… #SAF… stoich as fuck…

E) Cool down walk in sun 20 in

Yup… 17 min ish with Megan.

Assault Bike
AB 60 sec @85% Aer
60 sec slow spin
x 20
– rest 5 min after 10 sets

Sets 1-10 total:
196 cals, 6.5 mi

Sets 11-20 total:
199 cals, 6.4 mi

*All 65-67 RPM

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