Thu 31AUG17

A) 3 sets:
10 low cable SL RDL
20 sec glute bridge hold
2 min – hip external rotation/internal rotation work

20# on cable SL RDL

B) Overhead Squat @44X1; 4 reps x 5 sets; rest as needed – EXTERNALLY rotated and LOW load WORK into that pattern

45, 55, 65, 75, 85 then more practice with James
– need to sink ass back further as I get back into squat and really get my arm pits facing forward. Can get into correct position just need to train my body to get there.

C) Sets:
every 60 sec – complete:
5 bar MU
x 6
every 75 sec – complete:
3 wall facing strict HSPU
10 jump squats
x 6
every 60 sec – complete:
1 RC – 15′
15m HS walk unbroken
x 6

5 bar mu’s in around 16 sec

HSPU/jump squats in about 40 sec

RC/HSW in about 37 sec

D) 5 sets @increasing effort per set:
Row 350m
8 PS – 145,155,165,175,185#
8 burpees over bar
35 DU
AB 12 cals
rest walk 5 min
– PERFECT breathing and efficiency

*FORGOT TO DO THE ROW PIECE- was thinking it was like last week, starting with the bar*
1. 2:26
2. 2:18
3. 2:16
4. 2:22 (4 DU trips!)
5. 2:17

– filmed all to watch PS turnover and dip. MUCH better and MORE efficient. Noticed 185 isn’t as pretty as the others. Next time I’m playing around with TnG reps I’ll be sure to go heavier to get the practice.
– played around with different grips on DU’s and trying to relax my shoulders down and long neck. Was tripping up a TON today. I think only the last set was unbroken.
– AB was 67-72 RPM.
– Felt really recovered btw each set… #SAF… stoich as fuck…

E) Cool down walk in sun 20 in

Yup… 17 min ish with Megan.

Assault Bike
AB 60 sec @85% Aer
60 sec slow spin
x 20
– rest 5 min after 10 sets

Sets 1-10 total:
196 cals, 6.5 mi

Sets 11-20 total:
199 cals, 6.4 mi

*All 65-67 RPM

Wed 30AUG17

A) EASY jog 30-45 min

3 miles
31:06 total time

A) Bike/Row/Run
Bike 20 min
Row 20 min
Walk 20 min

Forgot to take a pic of the AB monitor

2:19.7 avg pace/500m

walked around the block for about 18 min

A) Swim 45-60 min

Swam at my apartment complex’s pool today. Figured since it didn’t have lanes I could practice going in a straight line… I was all over the place. Swam steady for 20 min then just messed around for another 10.

Tue 29AUG17

A) Tall snatch + OHS + SB: 2.1.1 x 5; rest as needed – LIGHT load speed focus!

75, 85, 90, 95, 100

– OH positioning work with James. Bar more forward, chest up, sit back on heels. Should be able to snatch balance 120%ish of 1 rm snatch so about 320+. Need to work on that positioning so I receive the bar with my spine taking the impact.

B) Clean and Jerk: every 75 sec x 6 sets – 55-65% – TnG x 3, control this and practice PERFECT reps

All at 180.
– think less squat and more hinge for the setup/eccentric so that bar can stay super close and I don’t have my quads do all the work. Head/spine neutral helps me think about it.

C1) L Sit Rope Climb: 1 rep; rest 10 sec

Good/ good/ half way/ legless without the final touch
– grip completely shot

C2) Paralette Handstand Push-Up: 8-10 – kipping; rest 10 sec

5.3 from floor/ 8 from 12″/ 5.3 from 12″/ from 12″

C3) Toes to Bar: 20 reps; rest walk 3 min x 4

UB/ UB/ UB/ 5 reps x4 sets

– worked on wrapping my thumbs around which is tough for me.
– worked on lengthening the kip/ extension the last set

D) 10 rounds – SAME times per round:
6 bjo -24″
8 row cals
6 HR push ups
8 AB cals
– CONTROL this per round


All about 1:50/ round with a 10 sec ish transition. All day pace, super easy to maintain.
A) Thoracic Flow: 10 min EASY

Doing after row

500m @Damper on 4, stroke rate @30. about 1:43-1:44 pace
rest walk 90 sec
x 14

– rest 4 min after 7 sets
– remember have the idea you can hold this for 15-18 sets sustainably

1. 1:43.3
2. 1:43.1
3. 1:43.1
4. 1:43.3
5. 1:43.2
6. 1:43.2
7. 1:43.4
8. 1:43.2
9. 1:43.4
10. 1:43.1
11. 1:43.2
12. 1:43.3
13. 1:43.3
14. 1:43.1

Eliminating Decisions to Increase Your Athletic Performance

Decision Fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making.

Decision fatigue is sometimes discussed in the “biohacking” sphere of the brilliant minded entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. These high performers are doing whatever it takes, to be as efficient as possible, in order to ensure their brains are firing on all cylinders and not clouded by making too many decisions. By doing so, they are hoping to achieve optimal success- usually involving gaining large sums of money for investments, reaching deadlines, and coming up with revolutionary ideas to change the world. These high level thinkers all seem to be super focused and driven towards their task at hand, so it makes sense that they want to eliminate the things that really don’t matter in their day. To bring it all together, these high level thinkers and entrepreneurs are trying to eliminate as many decisions as possible in order to focus all their energy towards what really matters for them to succeed. I’m here to tell you the same goes for athletic performance.

By limiting the amount of decisions you make in a day, you are able to focus more on the things that will actually improve your athletic performance- that is assuming you are looking to increase your athletic performance. Yes, I’m saying sitting in front of your closet for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to wear for the day doesn’t really matter. Narrow your focus on the things that do matter and your performance in the gym will improve.

My Top 3 Ways to Eliminate Daily Decisions for Increased Athletic Performance:

Morning and Evening Routines-
I don’t think of my morning and evening rituals as being just routines. I like to think of them as Standard Operating Procedures. I could pretty much run through both with my eyes closed because they are so engraved into my head. Not a lot of thinking goes on because they have become habit. With these Standard Operating procedures come a sense of flow state, which is meditative for me. Again, not a lot of decisions are being made here. I’m focused on my training…

I hired a coach for all of my fitness needs. This is by far the biggest thing you could do to help increase athletic performance. No need to go to the gym aimlessly not knowing what to do for that particular session. My coach does all of that for me. Not thinking about what I should be doing within that training session allows me to focus on the specifics of what exactly I am achieving in that session. This enables me easily reach a flow state during my time at the gym. Again, not a lot of decisions are being made here. I’m 100% focused on the present task at hand, since this is the thing I’m looking to improve upon.

The Uniform-
I’ve read that some musicians, comedians, and even Mark Zuckerberg have gone to a uniform. That is, they have multiples of the same shirt and pants and wear them every day. I haven’t taken it to that extreme YET but I do have my go to’s and a system that works for me. My system cycles through my clothes so all I have to do is grab the next outfit in the rotation, which takes the decision of what I’m wearing for the day out of the equation. Again, not a lot of decisions are being made here. I’m focused on my training…

The Decision Game:

A game coined by none other than Tim Ferriss incorporates the idea that you only have so many points a day. Let’s say you start with 20 points. Every time you have to stop to make a decision you take away a point. The goal is to have points left over at the end of your day. Eventually working your way down to starting with 10 or so points a day.


Tomorrow when you wake up just make notice how many decisions you make throughout your day. Then dissect them to see if you can create a routine, habit, or strategy so you do not have to stop to think about that decision day in and day out. Once you master the art of making as few decisions as possible then I promise you will be more focused on your task at hand. With more focus comes increased performance- in my case athletic performance.

Mon 28AUG17

A) Back Squat @21X1; 3-5 x 5; rest as needed – Hip warm up and PNF work prior to and bum on!

275, 295, 310, 320, 330 all x5. feeling better but not perfect yet

B)Power Snatch: Emom 10 min – Tng x 3 – working on controlling breathing and sustaining work

155 for all
– worked on press/weight-less ness in catch

C) Every 3 min for 6 sets:
3 ring MU
4 SC – 185#
2 ring MU
6 FS – 185#
– THIS is all about mechanics and breathing in your movmeent!
– Work throught the challenging movements for you!

1. 1:16
2. 1:14
3. 1:14
4. 1:12
5. 1:14
6. 1:09

– worked on MU transition. Dropping straight down as feet come forward
– catching higher in front rack
– breathing patterns for both MU and bar work
D) 12 min @80%:
5 medball 2 shoulder – 150#
10m HS walk
25 weighted DU
Ski 250m

4 + 3
– about 2:40ish a round plus transition to the med ball. consistent and felt really good.

E) Cool down walk in sun 20 in

around the block. about 17 minutes worth while drinking the postWO

A) Amrap’s
12 min @80%
Row 250m
12 lunges
Run 200m
12 step ups – 24″
rest walk 4 min
12 min @80%
AB 10 cals
8 burpees no jump
VC 100′
8 KBS – 1pd
rest walk 4 min
12 min @80%
Row 250m
12 lunges
Run 200m
12 step ups – 24″
rest walk 4 min
12 min @80%
AB 10 cals
8 burpees no jump
VC 100′
8 KBS – 1pd
– REMEMBER sustaining pace and building this weekly!

1. 3+10 lunges
2. 3+11 lunges

1. 4+2 burpees (1 set subbed 10 cals ski for vc)
2. 4+7 cals AB (subbed all vc for ski on this one)

Sun 27AUG17

A) Jog 20-30 min EASY

Camelback Hike.
9.18 miles
Just under 3 hours

Bike 45-60 min EASY

Did that long hike in the morning.

I also ran for 18 minutes at the end. Sam tried to beat me. Yeah, right….

Swim 100m EASY
rest as needed
x 3
Swim 500m EASY
Play and coold down!


500m felt like FOREVER!!!!!!
no stops at the end of the pool and very little kick off the wall

Sat 26AUG17

A) Elevated Step Down: 8/leg x 3; rest as needed

14″ box for all sets

B) Single Leg Low Cable RDL: 8/leg x 3; rest as needed

15# for all sets

C) Snatch: Emom 15 min – 1 rep – budling from 70-85%

195 to 245 by 10# jumps
then 5# jumps
one miss at 280
hit 280
one miss at 285 but called it

D) Clean: Emom 15 min – 1 rep – buidling from 70-85%

235 to 315 by 10# jumps
then 5# jumps
nailed 340
missed 345 (extra minute…)

E) Emom 10 min –
min 1 – DL Tng – 315# x 8
min 2 – RC x 2 – AFAP

– worked on RC technique

F) Emom 10 min –
min 1 – Thruster x 6 – 155#
min 2 – 4 burpee bar MU

switched thrusters to 50#/h DB thrusters and also worked breathing here

G) Run 20 min EASY

Just shy of 20 min

A) Aer work – done sutainable:
20 min @70-75%
Row 200m
10 KBS – 1pd
Run 200m
10 burpees no jump
50′ lunges
@80-85% sustained effort:
AB 80 cals
20 DB snatch – 70#
40 air squats
Row 60 cals
20 DB PC&J – 45#/h
40 jump lunges
Ski 40 cals

10 min for the first part to warm up
2 + 200m row
then went right into the second piece
19:22 total time for just the second part