Sat 29JUL17

A)Thoracic Flow: 10 min
Doing before C2B’s in pm

B) Walk 45-60 min on Air Runner
EASY does it!

Romwod today. Going to jason Phillips’ nutrition seminar for the weekend.

C) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min

Doing before C2B’s.

A) Run 1 mile TT on Assault Runner
rest exactly 10 min before moving to B

Well fucked this up…

6:59 on AR. Felt very slow but I was pushing it. Went out a little hot, slowed, picked up the last little bit. Gluts were on fire.

Did not rest 10 min before C2B’s. Didn’t catch that beforehand. My schedule for the day was…

Dynamic warm up.
Ran a couple 400’s.
1 mile TT
Thoracic flow
Bulletproof shoulders

B) FT:
20 sets of 5 – unbroken CTB pull ups


Couldn’t seem to get in a good rhythm especially with only 5 reps each set. Slight rip. Need to get faster here