Mon 24JUL17

Run EASY 30 min
Tru Runner – EASY does it, MAP 10 pace

2.58 miles
6.1 avg mi/h pace
– much better map 10 pace this week. Also worked on running form throughout

A) Snatch + HSS + OHS: MAX complex in 20-30 min

Gotta keep practicing different grip techniques for the hang. That’s what’s killing me. Going to start to really narrow it down for those to see if that helps.

B) Beep test:
5 DL, 5 PC, 5 S2OH – 165# – Emom until failure

21 + 1 DL (just to make sure I’d win)

Just a mental battle. Was finishing all sets under 30 seconds. General fatigue. I was fighting though.

DL unbroken with switch grip
PC unbroken into unbroken S2OH

Grip was starting to go towards the end but I was staying pace.

C) 10 min amrap @MAX effort:
Row 12 cals
10 KBS – 2pd
8 burpees
– Video please

6 + 17

Not happy with that. Just felt smoked from that CF Beep Test.