Sat 22JUL17

A) Thoracic Flow: 10 min


B) Walk 45-60 min on Air Runner
EASY does it!

10 min on AR
50 min outside downtown Chicago

C) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min

Did before PM session

A) FT:
bj – 24″

All unbroken. Tight set up. Felt like I was moving.

B) FT:
100 TTB
– unbroken sets of 5

– no fails.
– 2:30 had 50 reps done. Was consistently at 20+ a minute until the last 30 reps.
– second to last set, lost kip for last rep but stayed unbroken. Similar the last set but for last 2 reps.
– hard to say the limiter… I wouldn’t say it was one single thing but a combo of grip, core, general skill tiredness.


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