Tue 18JUL17

@80-85% Aer
Run 1 mile
150 DU
Row 2k
150 DU
AB 75 cals


Run: 7:52 on AR
DU: all over the place until the last 50. Too hot off the run. Tight shoulders.
Row: 1:54 avg pace. Felt recovered the deep I got thru it.
DU: 50’s. Shoulders!
Bike: 5:40 total time. Above 60 RPM throughout.

Too hot and didn’t feel aerobic based on how DU’s felt. Breathing was good though.

A) Close Grip Bench Press: 3RM in 20 min


B) Weighted Chinup: 3RM in 20 min

Supinated grip

C) FT:
30 pHSPU -10″ kipping
20 ring MU
10 RC – 15′
– Video

pHSPU: 8/1 (balance)/5/4/3/3/3/2-x, balance/1
MU: 10/6/4- focused on a better kip for the dip.
RC: slow start and then steady and I felt more recovered deeper I got into them.


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