Sat 15JUL17

A) Thoracic Flow: 10 min


B) 40 min – AB @58-60RPM
EASY does it!

Did 20 min worth

A) Passive Hang: On bar – MAX per side

:42 right
:32 left

B) FT:
30 ring MU
– amrap on front end


Thought I failed on the 17th but video showed I failed on 18th. Finished with 31 total reps. Will send video over later.

Need to clean up my dip. My kip for the dip is off and it smokes my triceps. Need to work on slowing down the movement.

C) Amrap x 1 set: Double unders

228- lost hand position. Was going strong. Grip and shoulders burned after the fact.

D) FT:
75 strict HSPU
– video


12/8/7’s, 6’s, 5’s

E) Amrap x 1 set: L sit


Used two thick 45# plates until my feet hit them. Shoulders were smoked by this point.


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