Sat 15JUL17

A) Thoracic Flow: 10 min


B) 40 min – AB @58-60RPM
EASY does it!

Did 20 min worth

A) Passive Hang: On bar – MAX per side

:42 right
:32 left

B) FT:
30 ring MU
– amrap on front end


Thought I failed on the 17th but video showed I failed on 18th. Finished with 31 total reps. Will send video over later.

Need to clean up my dip. My kip for the dip is off and it smokes my triceps. Need to work on slowing down the movement.

C) Amrap x 1 set: Double unders

228- lost hand position. Was going strong. Grip and shoulders burned after the fact.

D) FT:
75 strict HSPU
– video


12/8/7’s, 6’s, 5’s

E) Amrap x 1 set: L sit


Used two thick 45# plates until my feet hit them. Shoulders were smoked by this point.


Fri 14JUL17

A) FT:
Ski 75 cals
AB 75 cals
Row 75 cals
Run 800m
– Meat Marcus 🙂


Ski: sub 4:00. 1200m/h pace
AB: sub 4:00. At or over 70 RPM
Row: 3:07. Just under 1500m/h pace
Run: 4:07 on assualt runner.

A) Narrow grip OHS: TOUGH double in 12-15 min – video please

– could have gone heavier but time ran out. These felt great today.

B) Clean and Jerk
Gauntlet – every 90 sec – 1 rep – buidling from 245# add 10# per set ot a max

355- 3# PR I think.

Missed 365- pulled it high enough but couldn’t get under it. It’s almost there!

Felt strong here today!

C) FT:
12 SC – 225#
12 FS – 225#
10 thruster – 225#
10 FS – 225#


SC all singles and done just over 2 min bc I took extra long break before the last one bc I went right into the FS’s. Did the FS’s unbroken and probably shouldn’t have. Had to take a long break before thrusters. Thrusters I did in sets of 3. Less break time the deeper I got into the thrusters. CP battery felt recovered about halfway thru the thrusters from those FS’s. Last set of FS unbroken and easier than first set.

D) EASY cool down 15-30 min

10 min AB
10 min walk on Assault Runner