Wed 12JUL17

A) Overhead Prep #3: 5 min


B) Row 30 min @MAP 10
EASY does it BREATHEEEEE! this is a slow pace!

2:07.3 avg pace

C) Thoracic PAILS/RAILS: 10 min


A) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min

B) Deficit Deadlift: tough single in 12 total sets take about 20-30 min to find

465 in 8 sets
Failed 485- got to knee

C) Walking Overhead Lunges: 100′ – MAX load

225 for 65′
– I would have got this if I didn’t have to turn around at 50′. The turn around took a lot for me to stabilize. Legs were fine. All shoulders.

D) 4 rounds:
21 row cals
15 KB OHS – 2pd – alt arms per round
21 AB cals
15 KB snatch – 2pd – alt arms per round
– MUST be sames time per set or terminate!


1. 4:00
2. 7:45 (-15 from last round)
3. 11:30 (-15 from last round)
4. 15:10 (-20 from last round)

Row around 1450 cal/h pace. Around 50 sec each set.
All OHS unbroken and felt like butter.
AB at or above 68 RPM. About 1:20 each set.

E) EASY Aer 15 min COOL down!



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