Sat 29JUL17

A)Thoracic Flow: 10 min
Doing before C2B’s in pm

B) Walk 45-60 min on Air Runner
EASY does it!

Romwod today. Going to jason Phillips’ nutrition seminar for the weekend.

C) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min

Doing before C2B’s.

A) Run 1 mile TT on Assault Runner
rest exactly 10 min before moving to B

Well fucked this up…

6:59 on AR. Felt very slow but I was pushing it. Went out a little hot, slowed, picked up the last little bit. Gluts were on fire.

Did not rest 10 min before C2B’s. Didn’t catch that beforehand. My schedule for the day was…

Dynamic warm up.
Ran a couple 400’s.
1 mile TT
Thoracic flow
Bulletproof shoulders

B) FT:
20 sets of 5 – unbroken CTB pull ups


Couldn’t seem to get in a good rhythm especially with only 5 reps each set. Slight rip. Need to get faster here


Fri 28JUL17

EASY Aer 45-60 min
– your choice buddy!

Easy run in the lakefront.

A) Video all please!
test 1
-In 10 min find your 10-Rep TnG (“Touch-and-Go”) Squat Snatch from the floor (video submission required)
– After completion of the Snatch TnG Skill test, you must take a 10 Minute Rest before moving onto Test 2

test 2
-AMRAP Burpees in 40 sec/ rest 20 sec x 4
– After completion of the Burpee Repeatability Test, you must take a 15 Minute Rest before moving onto Test 3

test 3
7 rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts @ 175lbs for men, 125lbs for women
15 Wall Balls @ 20lbs to 10ft for men, 14lbs to 10ft for women

– ran out of time but would have liked to take a crack at 225.

1. 19
2. 20
3. 19
4. 18
– chest/triceps started to really fatigue and slow me down that last set

– tight set up.
– was moving quick. Could have cycled the barbell faster. I tried to sprint the last set.

Wed 26JUL17

A) Overhead Prep #3: 5 min


B) Row 20-30 min EASY
EASY does it!

6k row with damper at 3
2:09.9 avg pace

C) Thoracic PAILS/RAILS: 10 min


A) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min


B) Deadlift: Single in 30 min


Got 530 to knees. Should have gotten it by the loooks of the video.

C) FT:


PC: all unbroken. Got grippy!
Dips: 15/6, 8/7, 5/4- tricep punp

D) EASY Aer 15 min COOL down!

Walk outside

Tue 25JUL17

@80-85% Aer
Run 1 mile on Tru Runner
rest walk 4 min
x 3 rounds

1. 9:39
2. 9:14
3. 9:08

A) Incline Close Grip Bench Press: 3RM in 20 min

– asshole spotter touched the bar the last one. He said he didn’t help… asshole

B) FT:
30 pHSPU -10″
– video


6/6/6/4/2/2/2/2- I think. Gotta watch the video.


C) FT:
20 RC – 15′
– EMOM 5 burpee bjo – 24″


3 RC’s every minute. Last set was 2 reps to finish.


Mon 24JUL17

Run EASY 30 min
Tru Runner – EASY does it, MAP 10 pace

2.58 miles
6.1 avg mi/h pace
– much better map 10 pace this week. Also worked on running form throughout

A) Snatch + HSS + OHS: MAX complex in 20-30 min

Gotta keep practicing different grip techniques for the hang. That’s what’s killing me. Going to start to really narrow it down for those to see if that helps.

B) Beep test:
5 DL, 5 PC, 5 S2OH – 165# – Emom until failure

21 + 1 DL (just to make sure I’d win)

Just a mental battle. Was finishing all sets under 30 seconds. General fatigue. I was fighting though.

DL unbroken with switch grip
PC unbroken into unbroken S2OH

Grip was starting to go towards the end but I was staying pace.

C) 10 min amrap @MAX effort:
Row 12 cals
10 KBS – 2pd
8 burpees
– Video please

6 + 17

Not happy with that. Just felt smoked from that CF Beep Test.

Sat 22JUL17

A) Thoracic Flow: 10 min


B) Walk 45-60 min on Air Runner
EASY does it!

10 min on AR
50 min outside downtown Chicago

C) Bulletproof Shoulders: 10 min

Did before PM session

A) FT:
bj – 24″

All unbroken. Tight set up. Felt like I was moving.

B) FT:
100 TTB
– unbroken sets of 5

– no fails.
– 2:30 had 50 reps done. Was consistently at 20+ a minute until the last 30 reps.
– second to last set, lost kip for last rep but stayed unbroken. Similar the last set but for last 2 reps.
– hard to say the limiter… I wouldn’t say it was one single thing but a combo of grip, core, general skill tiredness.

Fri 20JUL17

A) EASY Aer 45-60 min
– your choice buddy!

50 min bike ride to south loop

A) Narrow grip OHS: Single in 15-20 min – video


B) FT:
30 C&J – 225#
– Video!


A couple seconds faster than at Wodapalooza. Really wanted sub 3 and was on pace thru the first 20 reps. This was mostly quads. I remember in Miami it was back and shoulders. Did fail the 28th rep but that was bc I caught it weird and rushed the jerk. Missed one jerk in Miami too…

C) EASY cool down 15-30 min

Walked outside.