Fri 23JUN17

A) Aer work:
Every 6 min – complete:
Row 250m
AB 10 cals
Run 200m
Row 250m
x 5 sets
20 banded tricep kick downs
20m double KB FR walk – 88#/h
30-45 sec wall facing HS hold
x 2 sets

1. 4:19
2. 4:04
3. 4:03
4. 3:58
5. 3:54
40# with rope on free motion machine for kickdowns
45 sec for hs hold

A) Granite Games #3 – Set you up well and fresh for this!

GG #4: MU/s2oh/bbjo

125 reps (3+8 bbjo)
Gotta redo this one. MU’s felt like complete shit. Couldn’t find a rhythm and they just felt off.

MU: UB, UB, 4/2, 3/2/1
S2OH: all UB
BBJO: too slow!


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