Sat 13MAY17

A) Split Jerk: 3,3,3,2,2,2; rest as need – 80% ISH STAY fast!

245 and built by 10# to finish at 295

B) 5 sets @90% Aer power effort – SUSTAINED HIGH pace:
25′ DB OH lunge – 80#
35 unbroken DU
20 WB – 30#
3 RC – 15′ – Regionals style
20 WB – 30#
35 unbroken WB
25′ OH Db lunge
rest walk 3 min
– KEEP effort high and FEEL this out!

1. 4:28- only DU trip at #29
2. 4:19
3. 4:28
4. 4:41
5. 5:20

Lunges: right arm down. Left arm back. EASY.
DU: only tripped that first set.
WB: all unbroken. Burned my shoulders and my breathing/ HR
RC: steady. Good practice. Cut the rope this am so first time doing these.

Last 2 sets got tough. All shoulders and then lungs.

C) AB 3 min @90% Aer
rest walk 2 min
x 4
– GOOD sustained high power pace

1. 40 cals
2. 41
3. 42
4. 44

First two sets around 61-63 RPM. Second two sets around 64-66 RPM. Felt more recovered as I went though these.

A) Event 4 – CF regionals


Simulated with lanes and everything the best I could. However had to use the things in the pic to simulate the 150# kb’s.

Also accidentally did my last two rounds at 16 reps of T2B and DL. Skipped the 14’s…

Very confident I’ll do the DL’s unbroken. The only reason I didn’t at the end here was bc the weights shifted so bad on the bar and I had to fix it.

T2B all unbroken even when doing two sets of 16’s.

HSW: easy. Just came down to turn around and shake it out a bit. Was definitely rest.

I have a video I’ll upload and email to you. Not the best but gives angle due to setup but it will give you an idea.


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