Sun 02APR17

AM – Games Triple 3
A) Triple 3 Games Workou


Row: 10:53.9 (1:58.9 avg pace)
DU: 6 sets of 50 unbroken. Finished these just over 16 min mark. So finished these in about 5 min. Shoulders.
Run: over paced at first. Felt like I picked up the pace every mile. Legs got a bit heavier each mile lap but I felt like I hit a sustainable stride. REALLY picked up the pace the last quarter mile or so and had more in the tank. Run took about 25 min.


A)EASY Aer 45-60 min

20 min AB
10 min row

A) FT:
3 LLRC – 15′
10 DB SS – 100#
10 DB SS – 100#


Felt good. Need to work on my rope climb decent efficiency. I lose a lot of time trying to find the rope with my feet and coming down smoothly.


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