Sat 01APR17

A) 12 min amrap:
Run 400m
10m HS walk
12 GH sit ups

4 + a little over half of run

A) FT:
12 PS – 185#
24 burpee bj – 24″
36 Row cals
rest exactly 3 min and move to B


PS: all singles
bBJ: steady and all two feet hop ups from burpee to jump and back to burpee.
Row: got it up into 1700-1800’s pace and kept it there

B) FT:
75 WB – 30#
15 burpee ring MU


WB: 30/15/15/15- tough on shoulders
b rMU: too slow. Shoulders were smoked. If I moved any faster it felt like I would fail so I tried to go until I failed … which I didn’t… but still slow

A) EASY Aer 45-60 min

30 min walk with the dogs
15 running and playing with dogs at the gym
25 min easy AB
5 min playtime with dogs

HR Monitored after the walk:
Avg: 89
High: 108


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