Wed 22MAR17

A) Split Jerk: 3,2,1,3,2,1; rest 3-5 min

285, 305, 320, 295, 315, 335
– last 3 sets felt WAY better so could have gone a lot heavier.

B) Push Press: 8-10 x 3; rest 2 min

155, 170, 180 all x10 TnG

C) Strict Muscle Up: Amrap in 5 min

16 (all singles)
– way too hot up front. 6 in the first minute then fell off hard. Form started to go. Then settled in the last minute or so to better form.

D) Paralette Handstand Push-Up: Amrap in 5 min

24 (5/4/3/singles, I think)
– pretty sure I am going deeper than last time, can’t remember. Went to a 45# comp plate plus abmat today and felt tough. Was shooting for 50+… had some fails. I’ll send over this and strict MU videos later.

E) EASY cool down 16 min


A) FT:
DL – 405#
burpee ring MU

DL: unbroken
MU: could have gone faster


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