Tue 07FEB17

A) Death by AB cals – start at 5 cals and to at MAX 20 cals
Gymnastics skill 15 min

Completed all 20.
Strict MU work. These feel great. 5 unbroken easily. No winging. No tightness.

A) Active Hang: 45 sec/arm x 3; rest 90 sec

This was bad. First set both arms split up around 20/15/5/5. Then I could barely hold on for the next sets. Just kept chipping away at some time and alternating arms each attempt.

B) Split Jerk: 2 reps x 10 sets – 65-75% MAX – SPEED based.

255, 255, 265, 265, 275, 275, 285, 285, 295, 295

C) FT:
100m FW – HEAVY
15 strict HSPU –
30 bjo – 30″
15 strict HSPU
30 bj – 30″
100m FW – HEAVY


FW: 88#/h and both sets unbroken.
sHSPU: both unbroken.

D) FT:
Row 250m
15 KBS – 2pd
25 burpee
15 KBS – 2pd
Row 500m
15 KBS -2pd
25 burpees
25 KBS
Row 250m
– sub 7:15 goal


– FUCK. Thought I was moving quick but I guess not. Rows were all around 1:35 pace. Never stopped to rest. The only thing I could think of is sprinting the burpees. Mine were quick but a steady quick. Next time I’m going to sprint the hell out of them.
– Same score I got in December.


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