Fri 03FEB17

10 RFT:
20′ HS walk
Row 200m
8 burpees over erg


Row: off before 45 sec mark. 1:40 avg pace
HSW: all unbroken
Burpees: all quick

A) Hang Snatch: building to a single in 15 min – NO fails


B) Emom 12 min – 3 pHSPU + 3 MU

Done. All unbroken and under 30 sec

C) “Flight Simulator”


3 trips. 1 each at 40, 35, 30 on the way down.

(7:52 at the end of November with 2 trips)

D) FT @open pace
CTB pull ups
OHS – 100#


21: UB
18: UB
15: UB
12: 6/6
9: 5/4
6: 3/3
3: UB
OHS: all unbroken

C2B’s slowed terribly. I sprinted out the gate and tried to hold it. All lats and biceps. Kips got ugly at the end too. Just fought to get the chest there and grind it out.


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