Sat 28JAN17

A) FT:
AB 1 mile
20m HS walk
AB 1 mile
20m HS walk
AB 1 mile
100 AB cals


AB: 2:20/ 2:20/ 2:12- kept above 68 RPM for all three.
HSW: both unbroken. Turned around on hands and stayed inverted at 10m mark.

Accidentally left a lot more in he tank. Kept above 70 RPM and about 20 cals/min. Burned out the last 15 cals and had more left. Felt like I was in that steady state- uncomfortable hard but maintainable pace.

A) Regionals 2015 – Row/strict HSPU/CTB workout

5 RFT:
25 cal Row
16 C2B
9 strict HSPU -4.5″ def


Row: kept above 1400 cal/h pace. Slowed the last 2-3 cals to get ready for pull ups. Focused on leg drive and saving the arms.

C2B: all unbroken. Never lost kip. Felt really good. Biceps pumping by time I was done but just enough recovery to go UB each set.

sHSPU -4.5″: all 5/4 and pretty consistent. Like the C2B I had just enough recovery to keep a solid pace and feel strong.

Felt really good during this. Breathing didn’t slow me and muscle endurance get great.


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