Wed 25JAN17

Row 2k
AB 4 miles
Run 1 mile
Ski 500m
Mobility EASY 45 min

27:53 with no ski erg (I’m on a mission to get one here soon though)

Row: sub 1:55 pace. Off at 7:36
AB: 60-65 RPM. Took 10:09
Run: about 8 min after I got all dressed up for the run outside. Felt really slow though. Foot is getting better each day but my opposite knee is getting worse and worse. I’m 100% positive that the knee is hurting bc it’s compensating for my foot. I’ve been icing and compressing the foot. Doc thinks it’s just a sprained foot and that the opposite knee pain is typical with that. I have another doc visit Monday.
About to do romwod and normal am routine.

A) Back Squat @21X1; 3 reps x 5 sets; rest 3-5 min – tough sets for you

365, 375, 385, 395, 405
– the 1 sec pause in the bottom made it tough.

B) 5 sets NFT:
10 GM
30 sec sorenson hold
rest walk 2 min

135 for GM

C) FT:
DB lunges – 100#/h
Double KB snatch – 1.5pd/h
rest 10 min before moving to C


Grip. All unbroken though.

D) FT:
Front squat – 265#


FS: all unbroken from floor. Practiced squat cleaning them all while fatigued. 10’s really tough.
pHSPU: UB, 4/4, 2/3/1- just lost balance, UB, UB

The higher the FS reps the more time I had to recover for the pHSPU. 6’s were a mess but the rest felt pretty good.

E) Cool down 15 min

On AB now.


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