Thu 19JAN17

A) Clean + FS + HSC + FS + SJ: build to a tough set for the day, NO fails


B)Front Squat @20X1; 2.2.2 x 3; rest 3-5 min

275, 295, 310

C)Regionals 2014 – LLRC workout


– just over a four minute split.
– I paced this prettt well. Was consistent until the last 2 rounds where I had to slow so I wouldn’t have a failed attempt.
– combo of grip and arms. Neither dead or blown up. Just fatigued.
– run was definitely slow for pacing and bc of my foot (I’ll email you about that here in a bit)

A) FT:
50 cal AB
100 DU
40 cal row
75 DU
30 HSPU -6″
50 DU
20 bar MU
25 DU

13:27 with no DU

– went to do DU’s that first set and there was no way. So just skipped all DU’s.
– HSPU and bar MU’s felt like shit. All over the place on HSPU and just couldn’t find a rhythm. Bar MU 8/5/4/3 and felt way tougher than they should.
– Rough day.


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