Fri 06JAN17

Swim 20 min
100 air squats
Run 20 min
– Do this inside to ensure FAST transitions

Swim: best I’ve get in the pool. I was actually able to find a very slow pace I could hold for the entire 20 minutes without breaks at either end of the pool. Also played around with side and back strokes.

Squats: done right out of pool.

Run: done on tread mill. Just over 2 miles so slow and steady pace. Transition wasn’t quick though. Had to dry off, get dressed, and go down to the main floor to get on a treadmill. I did move quick though.

A) Push press + SJ: build to a fast and heavy set in 12 min – FAST build

275- got there quick

B) FT:
100′ OH lunge – 185#
20 burpees
35 strict HSPU
20 burpees
100′ OH lunge – 185#


Lunges: broke at 50′ each time to turn around
HSPU: all 7’s

– all shoulders


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