Thu 05JAN17

Row 40 cals
AB 40 cals
30 SC – 155#
Row 40 cals
30 S2OH – 155#
AB 50 cals


T2B/K2E did T2B to K2E.
All this was harder than I thought it was going to be. Should have warmed up more.

A) Snatch + HSS: 1.1 – every 2 min x 8 sets

175, 185, 195, 200, 205x, 205x, 205, 210

Failed twice bc I was losing grip with my left hand and couldn’t figure out why. Watched the video after the second fail and saw the bar was catching on the decal on my left sweat pant leg. Took them off and hit the rest no problem.

B) FT:
PS – 155#
20 unbroken CTB pull ups b/t each set


Singles on all PS.
Had to take a very long break before set 3 and 4 of C2B to ensure unbroken.

C) 3 sets @90% high effort:
Row 500m
50 DU unbroken
30 GH sit ups
rest walk 90 sec

1. 3:46
2. 3:48
3. 3:43


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