Sat 24DEC16

AM – WP workouts from 2015
A) Wodapalooza – AB into run workout
rest 10 min and move to B

50 cal AB for time:
1:32… however, I did 55 cals for some reason haha

– wasn’t sure how they did it at the comp but it was 3 min cap on the AB so I started the run at the 3 min mark

5k Obstacle Run:
26:35 for slightly over a 5k run route

– wasn’t an obstacle course by any means but it was cold, windy, icy, and snowy. I was also layered in clothes.
– I could have gone way harder on this. Legs and lungs felt fine. Felt pretty good which is probably why it’s a super slow 5k time.

B) Wodapalooza DB snatch/burpee bjo workout

Burpee BJO- 24″
alt DB Split Snatches- 100#


– could not find what weight DB’s they used so I just used 100#. Same thing with the box jumps.

After this did my morning routine of romwod, journal, meditate, relaxed for another 20 min or so then hit my PM session. Have to get back to Indiana for family stuff.

5 RFT:
1 round of DT
2 RC – 15′


DL: all 11/1
HPC: all unbroken
S2OH: all unbroken

– Gotta go get some body work done asap… right forearm is really starting to flare up again from all the front rack stuff.


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