Tue 15NOV16

Video Link To Training

Daily Macros:
208.6 weight am postWO/ 215pro /498carbs/ 139fat

Row 8k @2:04-2:06 pace
Gymanstics play 15 min

33:10.4 (2:04.4 avg pace)
PT shoulder work

A)Back Squat @20X1; 5,3,1,1,1; rest 3-5 min – only the last single tough

315, 335, 365, 385, 405

B) Tall Clean: build to a max

– Probably would have to start swinging if I went up.

C) FT:
DB lunges – 100#/h
KBS – 88#

– Last set of lunges 6/3. Grip went. Everything else unbroken.

D) FT:
100 GH sit ups

– unbroken. Nice and steady

E) FT:
Front squat – 265#
HEAVY sled drag x 30m b/t each set

– FS unbroken.
– Sled drag was super heavy. Snail pace. Straight grinding.

F) 3 sets NFT:
1 min FLR on rings
1 min triple unders

FLR’s unbroken with rings turned out.
Triple unders are coming along. Lots of sets of two. A couple sets of three. A set of 4-5 too. Starting to find that rhythm with those and they are getting better.


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