Sat 08OCT16

1 min row
1 min AB
1 min toe touches
1 min step ups
1 min single unders
1 min FLR
1 min barbell play
x 5-6

5 sets.

A)Barbell Thruster: building to a MODERATE single in 12 min


B)Muscle Up: 2-3 x 3; rest as needed – GREAT mechanics

3 x3

C) Row pacing – find 2k pace and slightly higher for you, I want unbroken 15 ring MU so need to back off pace slightly

felt settled in at around a 1:40-1:42 pace

D) WP #7


Row: 1:40.2 avg pace
MU: 10/2/3- did not feel good today, triceps.
Thrusters: unbroken and fucking fast. New I had to make up time due to the MU fraction


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