Sat 17SEP16

A)10 sets @65-70% Aer
Row 150m
AB 10 cals
30 sec FLR on rings
Run 200m Ski
10 cals
30 sec top of dip hold
rest walk 1 min

Completed on a running clock.
Took 59:30 with the rests.
Subbed 150m row for 10 cal ski.
A)Push press + Power jerk + Split jerk: 1.1.1 – every 2 min x 10 sets

Started at 185 and built by 10’s each set to finish at 275.

B1)10 Mo. Position BTN Snatch Press: 8-10 x 2, 6-8 x 2; rest 1 min

65 x10, 85 x10, 105 x8, 125 x8- tough

B2)Weighted Strict Pronated Chest to Bar Pull-Up: 3-5 x 4; rest 90 sec

BW x5, 5 x5, 10 x5, 15 x5
* those have to all be PR’s or at least something. Haha.

Strict MU
HS walk 25m b/t each set

This went really really well…. All sMU in sets of 2 nice and steady. Not even the slightest bit of winging. Felt really good. Could have definitely pushed the pace on these but just wanted to see if I could maintain form and consistency which I did. That’s gotta be another weird gymnastic PR for me haha.

D)3 RFT:
Row 21 cals
15 GH sit up
9 burpees



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