Thu 18AUG16

A)RTW 30 min EASY
– implement somners drills, Todd skills and EASY aerobic work


Dynamic Stretch
Todd Drills
Somner sPL progression

B)Chest to Bar Pull-Up: Amrap set x 2; rest 8 min

35 and 27
– Not my best.

C)Cool down 15 min

easy AB

A)Clean and Jerk: bulding to a max – Bop bop style, which essentially means no rest on shoulders

325 (10# PC PR)

– Almost hit a 335 for a PC. Pulled the hell out of it but bashed my chest into it and it got away. Second attempt didn’t pull enough.

B)Clean and Jerk: 5 RM – SAME style at A


– smooth. Probably could have done more but my grip was giving out.

C)Regionals 2016 – Event 7
– AB/HSW/OHS/Row/burpeebj/OHS


– Felt like I was flying but I guess I was being a bitch on the burpees.


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