Tue 17MAY16

A) Reverse Hyper; 8,8,8; rest 1 min – MODERATE loads, activate

Kept light

B) Back Squat; 2,1,1; rest 3 min – KEEP this fast and snappy

365, 375, 385

C) Snatch; building load at each weight in workout, warm up well feel GOOD

Got them all no problem. 265 did seem a bit heavier than normal but got it still pretty easily.

D) Emom 15 min –
min 1 – Strict MU x 1-2
min 2 – strict HSPU x 3 + Kipping HSPU x 3
min 3 – KBS x 8 – 2pd

2 strict MU’s every time. These are getting a ton better.


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