Sat 07MAY16

Regionals Simulation
Day 2- in full

Event 3

Wall balls: 26’s. Rules say something about switching targets at 26 so I just took a very quick break there.
Pull ups: went out quick. 30/10/5/4/3

Event 4
16:19 (9:19)

Pistols: slow. A lot tougher than I thought they were going to be.
Cleans: all 8/7.
– My back got super tight during this. Never have had it happen to this extent before.

Event 5

Runs: about 2 min but these were not on a Tru form and they were closer to 500m based on my set up.
Sit ups: unbroken, no rests.
Deadlifts: unbroken, no problem. A lot easier than expected.
– I feel like this one is going to be a sprint come game time and I’ll be pushing it more on the runs.


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