Tue 19APR16

A) Row 5k @Aer pace
FT: 15-12-9
Bar MU
AB 20 cals
b/t each set

Row- 22:03.3 (2:12.3 pace)


BMU: all over the place, 5/4/3, unbroken
pHSPU ~-4″: 6/5/4, 6/5/1- lost balance, unbroken
AB: 2 sets at 65-70 rpm

* Shoulders took awhile to warm up today. Didn’t feel good until the last set where I went unbroken. My bad- lesson learned.

A) Snatch; 1.1 – bulding to a heavy set for the day, FAST and snappy

– Going up easy.

B) Squat clean; Tng – 5RM in 12 min – FAST build NO fails


C) L sit; MAX effort on paralettes x 3 sets; rest 2-3 min

1. :48
2. :36
3. :27

– went until couldn’t hold toes over p bar

D) Emom 20 min –
odd – Tng PS x 3 + OHS x 3
even – MU x 5-7

Odd: 155#
Even: first five sets 7 unbroken. Second five sets 5 unbroken.

– Ripped up my palms on the 6th set which is why i did five. Still finished out but stuck with five to save my hands a bit. I think I could have fought for 7 each set if I could have gotten my full kip which I lost bc of the friction on my hands.

E) In 10 min complete:
Run 800m FT:
100 DU
35 strict dHSPU -4″
100 DU

29 hspu.

Run: 4:00
DU: one mess up at 16.
sHSPU: 5/5/3/3/2/2/2/2/2/1/1/1


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