Tue 05APR16

A) Run 800m
30 strict HSPU -3″
Run 600m
20 strict HSPU
Run 400m
10 pHSPU


sHSPU def- more like 4″: 8/5/2/4/3/3/2/2/1- something like that. Took me awhile.
sHSPU: 5/5/4/3/3
pHSPU: 9/1- just because I lost balance. They were slow and I kipped them.

B) Easy cool down 15 min

On assault bike now.

A) Clean; building to 245#


B) 3 sets: 100m FW- HEAVY 20 pistols rest walk 2 min

1. 1:54
2. 1:54
3. 1:51

FW: 70#/h

C) 5 RFT:
75 DU
12 DL – 225#


DU: unbroken! One miss 8 reps in on set 3 but all others were unbroken. Huge confidence boost here since high volume DU’s usually get my shoulders. Focused on relaxing and breathing. Grip and shoulders were fine.


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