Thu 18FEB16

A) 5 RFT:
12 AB cals
9 CTB pull ups
6 burpee over box – 24″


AB: kept over 65 rpm
C2B: all unbroken. Like butter.

– Kept each round under 1:30 with transitions. Picked up the speed the last round.

A) 10 min amrap @open pace:
Row 50 cals
40 thruster – 100#
30 TTB
20 PS – 100#
10 ring MU

1 + 27 cals

Row: kept above 1700 cal/h pace
Thursters: started at the 2 min mark and went unbroken. Rested with the bar overhead if needed to. Finished in 90 sec (3:30 total time)
T2B: 10/10/10 consistent
Snatch: 6/5/5/4 Grip was starting to go.
MU: 3/2/2/3 on high rings. These were tough for me today.
Row 2: had 1 minute left when I got it going. Just burned it out.


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