Sun 14FEB16

A) 5 min amrap:
5 burpees
10 lunges
1 RC – 15′

rest 3 min

5 min amrap:
AB 10 cals
15 sec side plank/side
6 push ups

rest 3 min

5 min amrap
Ski 100m
15 sec HS hold
3 strict pull ups

All at and easy pace:
5 + 5
2 + 8
4 + 50m (row)

A) Hang Snatch; 1.1 – build to a heavy set for the day, EASY does it, FEEL fast and snappy


B) Weighted Chinup; 3,2,1; rest 3-5 min

88, 96, 131

C) FT: 10 to 1 kipping hSPU
– open standard 30 sec hang on the bar /t each set
rest exactly 5 min from finishing C and move to D


HSPU: all unbroken.
Hangs: all unbroken with pronated grip. Grip is getting better!

D) Build to heavy HSC in 5 min – FAST low reps


– Bah! Could barely lift the bar to the hip at the start. Grip was shot. Recovered by that last set. That last one at 250 was the easiest grip wise and had the cleanest form.

E) AB 10 min EASY

Doing now.


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