Sat 31JAN16

A) EASY aerobic 45-60 min – your choice, recovery work

15 min AB
15 min mobility
25 min AB


Event 1
Standing long jump
– Took close to last place here. Definitely not natural for me to jump being a linebacker, fullback, wrestler. All I can do is kinda laugh about it.
Immediately into event 2 (1 minute transition)
Event 2
Clean & Jerk – 2RM in 40s
3 attempts
– 300, 315, 330. Took 3rd here. Should have went heavier on that last set but it felt really heavy in warm ups.

Event 3
For time:
1500m (men)/1200m row (women)
300 double-unders
75 box jump overs – (24/20) (NO REBOUNDING!)
*15 min cap
– 13:13. Took 9th. First off the rower (1:34 avg pace- easy) and had about a 30 DU head start but go caught during the DU’s. High sets of DU’s are not easy for me.

Event 4-2:30-5:00
A. 15-12-9:
Thrusters (115/75)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups
@ 5:00 starts
B. 15-12-9:
Power cleans (135/95) *Athletes change their own weights.
Lateral barbell burpees (2 foot jump)
C. @ 10:00
1 mile air assault bike ride for time
A, B, and C each have 5 minute caps. You must move onto the next section if unfinished.
*Event 4 is scored as an aggregate placing of all three scores.
A+B+C = event 4 total points. Placement will be off of total points.

A. 1:56! ! ! All unbroken and flew. Took first.
B. Took 2nd.
C. Took 3rd.
– These were my jam. Probably because they were the most CrossFity of the comp. Pisses me off they were only worth one scored event.


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