Thu 21JAN16

A) AD 45 min EASY

40 RPM

A) Snatch; every 45 sec – 3 reps Tng x 8 sets

Started at 135, built by 10 each set to finish at 205. These were power snatches.

B) Front Squat; build to a FAST single in 12 min

– Very light.

C) 5 RFT: 2 LLRC – 15′ 30m FW – HEAVY 30 sec L sit
rest exactly 10 min and move to D

– This burned up the grip, triceps, and core.
– 88#/h on FW.

D) FT: 100 WB – 30# 30 burpee bar MU


Wall Balls: 40-30-20-10 and finished in 4:40.
burpee bMU: slow at first and then picked it up on the back end. Overall nice/slow and steady.

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