Sat 02JAN16

A) AD 90 sec @90% Aer
rest walk 90 sec
x 8
rest 6 min
x 2

55 RPM

A) Power Snatch- build to a single for the day – PERFECT mechanics from the blocks

– Blocks 3/4 of the shin up.
– Hit 240 but wasn’t as nice as 230.

B) Open 13.1

190 reps (completed the last set of burpees)

75: unbroken
135: 8/8/8/6 (these were quick)
165: 5/4/3/4/3/4/4/3 (something like that, definitely slowed a ton here)

– Was rushing to add plates to get atleast 1 Snatch at 210 but didn’t make it.
– Burpees burned the legs up more than I thought they would. I used a gymnastic mat to burpee on to make my target 6″. I think that made it harder on the legs.
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