Sat 12SEP15


For time:
Assault Air Bike

Men: Ski 750m, Bike 5000m, Run 1500m
Women: Ski 500m, Bike 3500m, Run 1500m

Warm up:
15 min – Aerobic base is MOST important, should be mobile and ready to go. Blood flow to the joints and feeling hot/sweaty is important.
– add in some hip and glute work, add in turning on the upper back and loosening shoulder, add in some knee flexion and AD work to ensure there is blood in your legs.
– NOTHING special, get hot and ready and go after this one.

Ski Spring-

– Felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Only had about 5 minutes to play around with it the day before.

MN Tri-

– Assault bike took about 8 minutes at around a 65 RPM pace. Made up a ton of time on here since I did so bad on the Ski Erg and I knew it.
– The run sucked. Burned the hell out of the legs.

Speed Squat:

7 FS- 265
5 FS- 285
3 FS- 295
1 FS- 305

Warm up:
FS – build to something moderate that FEELS fast and snappy, maybe to the top load of the ladder…….add in your own mobility to open hips and work on sustained positions off the floor, and as well so you are confident in the front rack.
– Built to 305.

KEEP yourself fresh, CNS buzzing is most important.

FS x 1 at each weight at MAX speed; rest 2-3 min x 2-3 based on feel
– Didn’t have the bars to do this. Just kept hitting 295 to stay warmed up.


– Power Cleaned the last two bars just to ensure I wouldn’t get stuck in the bottom.

5 Rounds for time of:
10 Toes-to-bar
10 Hang Snatch

Warm up:
10 min blood flow on the AD, you will need to work on the speed of the TTB in this as well as the HS, remember be okay with mechanics going a little “off” to increase speed.
– Warm up the muscle being used, so pullers, upper back, etc. first and also mid line and hips for 10 min

3-4 sets @game pace:
rest as needed
– Completed. Stayed warm by hitting some HS for 5 reps.


– Split up 6/4 from the get go. Went unbroken the last set of T2B. Had to break up the HS.

For time:
15 Ring Muscle Ups
30 Axel Bar Shoulder-to-overhead (165/110 lb.)
60 ft. Overhead Lunge Walk (165/110 lb.)

Warm up:
10 min EASY AD, plenty of warm up up to this point, REALLY focus on consistency of the rings, warm up with MU and hips well so you can develop force. They will be a little fatigued from TTB so now extra will have to go into.

Build to a moderate S2OH – Axel bar (work to weight)
Complete 3 sets  of 3 Tng with weight + 3 steps per leg lunging
– No axel bar for warm up. Built to 185 S2OH. No lunges- left shoulder was hurting/fatigued pretty bad by this point.

2 MU
3 S2OH
4 lunges
rest 2 min
x 2-3 BASED on feel
– Did 2 sets at an easy pace due to the layout of the warmup area.


– Was really worried about this one going into it because of my left shoulder. I paced the muscle ups more than I did during the practice run (8/5/2) and then just “went there” for the S2OH (broken up 15/11/4) and 1 break during the lunges. I only broke the 3rd time on the S2OH because I was planning on going right into the lunge but the judge said I had to back up before I started lunging.

Overall Place: 31st/44


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