Tue 01SEP15


9:00 AM

RTW 45-60 min EASY
Bear Crawl
Bear Walk
40# Sand Back squats alt shoulders
20″ box step ups
x6 sets

3:30 PM

A. BS – buidl to 90% in 12 min
B. 10 RFT:
10 CTB chin ups unbroken
10 GH sit ups
C. FS – build to 90% in 12 min
3 sets:
25 WB – 30#
10 unbroken MU
rest walk 3-5 min

A. 425
B. 12:24
– All unbroken. Never lost kip. Pretty consistent per round.
C. 335
1. 1:42
– Both unbroken.
2. 2:18
– Both unbroken. Had to wait a bit before hopping on the rings just to make sure I went unbroken.
3. 2:37
– Went 15/10 on wall balls to see if it would save my shoulder for the MU’s so I could have less rest before jumping on the rings. It didn’t pan out. MU’s were unbroken though. Just had to rest a bit before getting them started.


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