Sat 25JUL15

Sat 25JUL15- Sleep

8:15 AM

Row 6k EASY – 1:58-2:00 pace

1:59.4 avg time/500m
23:53.1 total time

1:30 PM

A. Squat clean gauntlet (2012 games standards)
Start at 245#. Build by 10# every 30 sec.
B. Push jerk – 20 reps for time 225# (from floor)
25 min cap:
200 DU
30 med ball clean over shoulder 150# (subbed with 165# stone over shoulder)
30 MU
30 BS from floor 155#
200 DU

A. 305- easy.
– Went for 315. Nailed it but it slipped out of my hand out of the hole. Went again real quick and dove so hard under the bar that I basically bounced it off my chest. Did not do the deadlift part. Since I was changing the weights I fell behind the 30 sec timer and was just switching plates, chalking up, and gripping and ripping it.
– Felt as though I could pull 335+. These were the best cleans have probably ever felt for me. Starting to get some confidence here.
B. 1:35 total time
– Two sets of 10.
26 MU’s (30 MU’s in 25:15)
– Didn’t have a 150# med ball so did 165# stone over shoulder. It was awful. Took like 17 minutes.
– Started the MU’s at the 19 minute mark. All sets of 5 reps. Could have gone faster but the sweat on the rings made it hard to grip. Need to invest in the forearm sweat sleeves.

– Felt a ton better today with some sleep.


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