Tue 07JUL15

8:30 AM

AD 45 min @Z1
(every 5 min get off and complete 20 sec FLR on rings)

07JUL15- AM

2:00 PM

A. Seated behind the neck press; 3-5 x 4; rest 2-3 min
B1. Ring push up (feet elevated); 25,25,25; rest 30 sec
B2. OH carry 100m (205#); rest 3 min
10 min @ 80%:
Run 200m
30 DU

rest 5 min

10 min @ 80%:
Row 200m
25m FW (100#/h)
10 cal AD

A. 115, 125, 135, 145
– Had to fight for the last one. All sets of 5 reps.
B1. Knuckles just off of floor. Feet on a 20″ box.
– First round unbroken no problem. Second set struggled with the last 5 but unbroken. Last set fought out the last 10 but still unbroken.
B2. Harder than I thought. Was on a 50m track so had to drop it at 50m to turn around.
– Core was smoked after this combo.
4 + 12 DU’s

3 + 200m row

– Shoulders were extremely sore today. Worked some mobility on them.


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