Thu 09JUL15

09JUL15- Sleep

8:30 AM

Row 8k (same times throughout/500m)

09JUL15- AM

09JUL15- AM 2

1:30 PM

A. BS @30X1; 3-5 x 3; rest 3 min
B. Build to a heavy PS in 15 min
C. Wtd. chin up – 30 reps for time (2pd)
20 manmakers (35#)
100m Prowler (HEAVY)
50 CTB chin ups
100m Prowler
50 TTB
100m Prowler
20 burpee box jump overs

A. 315, 330, 340
– Felt heavy today.
B. 230 (missed 240)
– Felt heavy.
C. 6:51
– Was on pace for 6 each minute until 18 reps in. Was also controlling eccentric. All were pronated grip.
– All the prowlers had 6-45’s loaded.
– C2B’s in sets of 10’s.
– T2B’s in sets of 10’s.
– Cleared the box during the jump for the box jump overs.

– Felt very sluggish today. Going to try to get extra sleep tonight and rest up.


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